Let’s make some homemade stampers using simple kitchen pantry materials

Skills learned:
Sensory play, Fine motor skills, Creativity, Concentration

As we are still pretty much in lockdown and many kids are still at home, you may be the kind of parent that gave up on home schooling a long time ago already and letting the kids learn through playing and learning as they go, or you may be absolutely loving being teacher at the moment and have a weeks worth of activities planned every Sunday.

Well no matter which parent you are, you’ll love this easy and fun activity using only kitchen pantry items – your kids fav Mac and Cheese pasta and clean ice lolly sticks from the recent heatwave, oh and of course some play dough but if you don’t already have you can get some here.

What you'll need

Dry macaroni or any dry pasta

Ice lolly sticks

Hot glue gun

Play dough



Start by heating up your glue gun (this one is for the parents as it can get really hot!)

Place some glue dots on the ice lolly sticks and ask your little ones to place the macaroni or pasta onto the glue dots, be quick as the glue dries fast!

Get creative with the placement as these will make lovely imprints in your play dough.

Start stamping! Creating patterns in the dough with home made stampers is very exciting for little ones and teaches them some excellent skills such as imprinting, cause and effect and patterns and texture.

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