Our Story

Animal loving cousins and creative duo.

Dough Animal started in early 2019 when Bianca, Founding Creator of Dough Animal, and a full time designer and creative strategist used her love for creativity, and the memory of creating imaginary worlds with the home-made play dough her mom made for her.

Dough Animal focuses on early childhood education, being an advocate for learning through play from a young age. Helping to improve fine motor skills, learn textures through sensory play, hand-eye coordination, increased curiosity and knowledge and fun all at the same time.

A few months later, Casey became the Cape Town Creator for Dough Animal. Casey is mommy to Blake, a gorgeous 3 year old with bundles of energy, the sweetest nature and a big imagination. Casey loves creativity, being kind to nature and value for money, all of the things important to Dough Animal.

In 2021 Bianca decided to explore other sensory products and added handmade crayons and sensory ribbons to the UK store…watch this space as we’re only gong to continue growing with new and exciting products.


I love creating, whether that’s photographing, illustrating, baking or packaging, and you’ll find me doing all that at Dough Animal.


I love being  mommy to an imaginative busy little boy who inspires me every day to create new inventions for Dough Animal.